In the red corner we had Nick “the knife” Mellin fighting for the meaty honour of Roaming Roosters against our own executive chef Anton “le poisson” Shirley.

Round 1 of the fish preparation and butchery masterclasses was billed as “the greatest food fight in history” with fillet steak, the king of all cuts, going head-to-head with turbot, the king of the sea.

And that meant a “raw ingredients to finished dishes” demo with Nick’s grass-fed beef fillet, little steak and kidney rag pudding, golden beets, peas and devilled sauce taking on Anton’s wild turbot with seaweed butter sauce, turbot and cockle croquette, samphire and sea herbs.

The blood thirsty punters who had arrived for reception drinks decided the result after putting both dishes through their paces during a three course meal that finished with a chocolate mousse, raspberry jelly, peanut sponge and praline. And the bout, interspersed with a fair bit of cutting banter, was won by … FISH.

Which has left Nick sharpening his blade for Round 2 … when it happens you’d better not miss it.