Our executive chef, Antony Shirley visited Wheatley Lane Methodist VA Primary School in Fence to discuss the importance of having fish in their diets.

Antony said: “As a company we always like to get involved with the local community, and teaching young children about fish and why it’s important in the diet is something I’m really passionate about.

“We have recently acquired the Roosters Bistro at Roaming Roosters in Higham, so thought this would be a great chance to interact and educate youngsters who live close by, and may visit the bistro from time to time with their parents.”

Antony brought an array of fish with him, including a monkfish, salmon, turbot, haddock and even a live lobster. The children were asked questions about their knowledge of fishing and they were then given the chance to ask Antony questions at the end of the session.

Mrs Heys, headteacher at Wheatley Lane said: “It was great to have Antony in assembly; we think it’s important for youngsters to understand where their food comes from, and he did a great job interacting with the children.”

Antony presented two pupils with a voucher each to spend at one of the Seafood Pub Company sites including the Roosters Bistro, the Barley Mow and the Assheton Arms.

He added: “I really enjoyed our visit to Wheatley Lane Primary School; the children were attentive, interested and really keen to hear what I had to say. They gave some great answers, and were excited to see the fish in real life!”