So how will the Barley Mow be different? Well, it’s going to be the first of its kind. The first in our group that’s not going to be a gastro-pub. It will be a pub that does food.

That’s the difference? Well, it’s not necessarily the dishes themselves – fish and chips, steak, curry and pies can appear on either kind of menu. To us pub food is everyday stuff that you might eat at home – gammon, chilli, stews.

A more substantial meal. More emphasis on meat. Probably grilled. Usually one course. Everything on the plate and no side dishes. Or it’s ‘grazing’ food – sandwiches, burgers, and salads. Add the sort of crumpets, crepes, waffles and bacon butties that we could be doing and you have a likely hybrid Euro-American daytime menu rather than the more stylish evening gastro-pub dishes.

If you want to understand better – the Barley Mow will be up, running and open to the public on 21 August when you will also be able to book online, with Livebookings.